Story of the experience of Dace

I started work at ZZ Dats in 2016, in parallel with studies at the University of Latvia. At the outset, of course, I wasn’t sure if I was able to combine my studies with work, whether my studies would not suffer, whether the employer would be encouraged, or I would be able to do the tasks assigned to me well enough. At the moment, however, I am sure to say that although it is not easy, it is possible.

The experience gained with real projects helps to better understand the material of the studies, while the knowledge acquired in the studies helps to develop new ideas for working tasks.

ZZ Dats is very encouraging to students and offers a flexible schedule – can come to work and go away at any time, so the lectures should not be delayed. It also provides an opportunity to work remotely, which can be used for example during dull lectures. 😉 In addition, the University is only 15 minutes away.

My daily day of work depends on lectures: other times I get to work only a few hours in the morning, and other times I only come in the afternoon and spend almost the whole day in work or lectures. However, it is usually time to find time for both training and work every day.

I did not miss the opportunity to go abroad during my studies: I spent one semester at the Blackings Institute of Technology in Sweden under the Erasmus + programme. That opportunity certainly gave much to my growth. The employer was encouraging, too, and I could take advantage of this opportunity without disrupting my employment relationship.

I’ve grown a lot in the company these years: both my professional and technical skills and my ability to communicate and work in the team have grown.

Looking back on time today, we have to consider your options, but there is no reason to worry, we must try! Like nothing – the brave have a world.