The company is made up of people, so we are trying to find people whose work is not only a source of livelihood but also a dream.


Solutions as electronic services developed by ZZ Dats employees are used by a number of thousands of users – public sector workers, municipalities, commercial customers and society.


We pay special attention to the working environment and culture

A good programmer needs patience, and a desire to learn something new constantly.

Programmer Dace J. ZZ Dats for 4 years

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Benefits and bonuses provided by the company to the employee

Support to families

  • Paid leave in the most important moments of life
  • One-off financial bonus when a child is born
  • Additional vacation days if one has children
  • The Knowledge Day is a free day for all parents
  • A Christmas event for children
  • Sports games for the entire family


  • Health insurance
  • Paid sports activities
  • Glasses for work

Facilitating training

  • Courses, workshops, conferences
  • Paid certificates for raising qualification
  • Pluralsight training
  • Paid training leave
  • Inter-team exchange of experience

Inspiring events

  • Team consolidation events
  • Celebrations of Latvian seasonal festivities
  • Small celebration of project delivery
  • Participation in sports events
  • Company’s general meetings

For happy daily life

  • Paid car parking lot in the Rīga centre
  • Flexible work starting hours
  • Remote work options
  • Fruits in the office
  • Coffee and tea for an active day



As the company develops, new jobs are regularly emerging, bringing professional challenges to those open to new experience and dynamic working conditions within the team.


I want stable employment. What is it like to work in ZZ Dats?

ZZ Dats has been proving itself a stable place of work since 1995 growing from 2 employees to more than 150. ZZ Dats provides the maintenance of the developed and implemented software. Stability is guaranteed with the company’s high competence in developing government and local government solutions. Implementing new projects, co-workers are able to develop solutions with new technologies. There is a possibility to grow and develop within one company. Many our employees have been working with us for many years and professionally developing together with the company; more than 20% of the employees have been with the company for more than 10 years.

Do employees have a possibility to train themselves in courses and workshops?

ZZ Dats not only supports the wish of its employees to train professionally but also rewards it financially. Courses, certifications, conferences (including international) are paid. The company is proud of its employees who prove their skills with professional certificates. A victory must be celebrated — a delicious cake is served for each who has obtained a certificate to mark the achievement together with the team.

I am a professional with several years of experience and I want a job with interesting projects. Does ZZ Dats offers that?

The solutions we develop are interesting for people who want to engage in the digitalisation of the local government processes in Latvia. For those who find satisfaction in creating solutions that make the daily life of residents of Latvia more convenient and efficient. Our products are used by people throughout Latvia, so we have a real opportunity to do work that is necessary for our entire society. The developed solutions are mutually integrated with government-scale registers, and that makes the development process exciting for employees with well-developed analytic thinking. The annual employee polls show year by year that employees highly value the opportunity to do interesting work. We continuously master new development technologies, and programmers highly appreciate that.

I am currently study computer sciences. What are the possibilities to combine work and studies?

ZZ Dats supports students and lets the best ones to obtain experience already during studies. It is possible to adjust working hours to the studying schedule. Also, it is possible to work part-time. To graduate, a paid study leave will be granted for writing the thesis. As an employer which represents the IT sphere and thinking about the professional preparedness of young specialists, we emphasize the quality of both the studies and work tasks. We find possibilities for students to conveniently combine studies and work.

Is training provided upon commencing employment?

New employees are provided with the necessary knowledge to perform their tasks with good quality. The basic training in the three first months is provided by a mentor. Meetings with coworkers are organised, and they conduct internal training participating in the exchange of experience.

Is it possible to work in ZZ Dats remotely?

Employees have the possibility to work in the office and from home. It is agreed on within the team. In the office, there is an ergonomic working environment, air conditioner. Since the office of ZZ Dats is fully equipped for convenient and comfortable work, many employees prefer working in the office.