ZG NL, an module for preparing and submitting electronic registration requests to the Land Register, is a web application that makes it possible to conveniently fill in automatically Land Register registration request forms with data from various data sources.

The solution is used by those local government employees who are involved in registration with the Land Register. Currently the solution is used by the Rīga City local government, but it is comparatively simply adjustable for use at any other local government.

The following actions are possible in the module:

  • To correct data manually if required;
  • To coordinate and sign registration requests electronically;
  • To register in the record keeping system LIETVARIS to automatically submit to the Land Register signed registration requests and their annexes, including the respective office and state duty payment orders.

The module also lets follow further activities of the Land Register with the submitted registration request all the way till registering the rights or a refusal to register the rights.

The system can retrieve from the external systems Real Property State Cadastre IS and State Address Register IS data on real properties and objects in their composition, which spares time not having to enter the data repeatedly and reduces to the minimum the risk of data entry errors as the data from primal source systems are used. If required, the Land Register’s registration process data can be reflected also in the NEKIP PNIP module.