An information system for administering social aid and social services of local governments. Registering beneficiaries of social aid and services, support to the work process of social services, registering and processing documents, linking with government registers to check and transfer information, administering money flows and financial reports, statistics lists and reports.

SOPA is the basic tool for local government social services and institutions to which the local government has delegated functions of social services. In the viewing mode, it can be used also by other institutions that need extended information on customers of social services.


  • More efficient assessment of the customer’s financial situation using data from government registers and other external systems;
  • Automatic generation and printing of printouts;
  • Automatic calculation of average income, annual minimum income, housing allowances;
  • Possibility to control beneficiaries of allowances to prevent that the customer receives local government allowances in several local governments;
  • Automatic transfer of the status of a poor or low-income person to the property tax administration department of the local government and other external institutions;
  • Making reports and accounts for both the needs of the local government and government institutions.

SOPA is linked with various government registers: Office of Migration and Citizenship Affairs Population Register (basic personal data), State Social Insurance Agency (income), Employment State Agency (unemployment information), State Medical Commission for the Assessment of Health Condition and Working Ability (disability), Road Traffic Safety Directorate and State Technical Control Agency (vehicles), State Land Service Cadastre Register (real properties), State Single Computerised Land Register (real properties), State Revenue Service (income, jobs), Enterprise Register (income), State Education Information System (linking to educational establishments), Administration of the Maintenance Guarantee Fund (care institutions information), Ministry of Welfare State Social Policy Monitoring Information System (government co-funding). Transferring SOPA data to external institutions: Social Policy Monitoring Information System, Legal Aid Agency, Employment State Agency, State Police, State Social Insurance Agency, State Education Development Agency, Minor Persons Support Information System and others.


  • Accounting social services customers — families and persons;
  • Creating and registering documents;
  • Registering money for allowances and services;
  • Making lists of payouts and transfers, linking with accounting department and banks;
  • Making and accounting agreements and social rehabilitation plans;
  • Registering and reports of visits, consultations and other activities of employees;
  • Statistics lists and accounts;
  • Transferring data and reports to external systems, including the Social Policy Monitoring Information System;
  • Specialised processing of state-financed assistant services data and other services related with state co-financing;
  • Linking with the services assessment and planning system APSis;
  • Data control mechanism that monitors data changes and data integrity and notifies the responsible employees.

The application SOPA is closely integrated with other Single Local Governments System’s applications: PERS/DZIMTS (basic personal data, kinship), NINO (real properties, transferring status of poor and low-paid persons), BRIDZIS (lease agreements, transferring status of poor and low-paid persons), KADRI (employees, document flow settings, transferring data of assistants), GVEDIS (benefit and allowance money flow), ALGAS (customer-employee salaries, transferring services of assistants), LIETVARIS (registering documents and coordination in their flows).