The system is intended for the administration of the real property tax. Registering, updating and storing historical information on real property tax objects, private individuals and legal entities that are payers of the real property tax and other persons related to real property. The title, use right or lease right of a person to a particular property and the history of changes in them.

The application uses, online or through other programs, data of the following external state registers:

  • State Land Service Address Register;
  • State Land Service Cadastre Register;
  • Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs Population Register;
  • State Land Register;
  • State Revenue Service Tax Payers Register;
  • Riga Residential House Privatisation Commission.

Administration of the real property tax – calculation of the tax, accounting of the real property tax for buildings and constructions and preparing payment notices, identifying and registering payments, recalculation of the tax, cancellation of debts and transferring overpayments, extending timeframes, calculating and cancelling penalties, extending timeframes after the obligation statement, updating personal accounts.

Accounting of documents – payment notices, reminders, warnings, declarations and reports of the real property tax for buildings and constructions, title documents, decisions on the purpose of the use of land, applications and replies of tax payers, statements on non-existence of real property tax debts.

Searching the information in the system by various parameters; making, printing and exporting lists.

Viewing and comparing information online in and with the State Land Service Cadastre Register.

Searching real property objects and presenting them on the map, actions with the cadastre map.