The support module for assessing the pre-emption rights of local government (PPR) is a web application, which makes it possible to optimally and swiftly assess pre-emption rights and swiftly take decisions whether the real property involved in the transaction is necessary for the local government.

The solution is used by those local government employees who are involved in assessing the pre-emption rights. Currently the solution is used by the Rīga City local government, but it is comparatively simply adjustable for use at any other local government.

To support the decision taking process, the PPR module provides the following actions:

  • Registering residents’ applications for accepting the purchase agreement for assessing the pre-emption right;
  • Making statements on accepting real property purchase agreements;
  • After taking the final decision, to prepare statements on refusal or necessity to use the pre-emption right and notify the taken decision to the buyers and the sellers.

The system can retrieve from the external systems Real Property State Cadastre IS, State Address Register IS and State Single Computerised Land Register data on real properties and objects in their composition, which spares time not having to enter the data repeatedly and not preparing documents manually as they are automatically generated from the system’s data. All these process documents can be registered in the record keeping system LIETVARIS or retrieved from it, and documents can be coordinated and signed as necessary in paper or electronic form. Various types of reports on pre-emption processes registered in the system and their outcomes can be retrieved. If necessary, pre-emption rights data in future can be used also in the NEKIP PNIP module.