The application provides local government employees with the possibility to declare and cancel the residence of private individuals, automatic generation and printouts of statements and references, making, printing and exporting various statistical reports related to the residents of the local government.

The user can work with the program when the customer is visiting, ensuring swift obtaining and processing of the customer’s information. In linking with the Population Register it is possible to update personal data in the local government’s database.


PERS is the only application with which it is possible to update all personal data with data from the Population Register. The PERS database is used by other Single Local Governments System applications in which actions are done with personal data and declared residences. Data lists that can be obtained from PERS can serve to plan the local government’s activities and finances.


  • Searching personal data by identity number, first name, surname and transferring them from the Population Register if the person’s data are not in the local government’s database. The scope of data visible to the employee can be controlled with data access rights.
  • Entering, editing and cancelling person’s residence declaration.
  • Generating and printing person’s residence declaration application.
  • Generating and printing various statements, some most essential are residence declaration statements, residence statement, last residence statement, archive statements etc.
  • Making, printing and exporting various lists related to the persons with declared residence in the local government. Some most essential of them are list of persons, list of declarations, list of multi-child families, person declarations from etc. Manually made and editable filters make it possible to make lists with various data layers.
  • Statistical reports on the registered and cancelled personal residence declarations.

The main target audience of using the application are specialists of residence registration and employees of registry offices.  These are employees who update personal data in the person database and the Population Register. In addition, the PERS application is recommended to local government employees whose work tasks include making various lists on persons declared in the local government. Local governments do provide the right to use the PERS application also to municipality police employees, record keeping specialists, secretaries, customer service specialists; however, if it is only needed to view personal data, a good alternative is the application JUPIS that is accessible in an Internet browser at