NOMA is intended for administering the local government’s real properties (land and buildings), registering and accounting lease agreements. In the application, it is possible to make lease payment calculations, make invoices and send them to e-mail or e-address.

The application provides accounting of leased properties, lessees, lease agreements, making of lease payment calculations, making invoices and sending to e-mail or e-address, registering payments, preparing various accounts and reports.

The solution can be used by local government real property specialists and tax administrators, accountants and cashiers. By using NOMA, the local government can manage its lease objects and agreements, account lease agreement account balances and compare them with the accounting department data.


  • The application can be accessed via the web, so it is possible to work with it from anywhere.
  • The application’s settings can be configured according to the local government’s needs, and therefore it is ensured that data registration and making calculations are sufficiently flexible.
  • For the convenience of residents, it is possible to provide lease e-services on the portal, where data on vacant lease properties and leased properties can be viewed, to apply for the lease of properties and to view own agreements data and pay lease invoices.

The application has integrated the LIZ module, which is intended for assessing transactions with agricultural land. The module is not directly linked with lease agreements data. To use the LIZ module, the user has to request respective rights.

The application makes it possible to obtain data from the state registers:

  • Real Property State Cadastre Register;
  • Address Register;
  • Population Register;
  • Enterprise Register.

The application is integrated in the Single Local Government System, which makes it possible to exchange data with other SLGS applications and modules, e.g. NINO, G-VEDIS, Liabilities Payment module, Banks module.