ZZ Dats, in cooperation with the State Regional Development Agency, has developed a module for assessing transactions with agricultural land (LIZ module), which enables checking the data of a buyer of agricultural land in various state registers and information systems.

The module’s functionality has been developed on the basis of the requirements under Article 28.1 of the Law on Land Privatisation in Rural Territories.

The module makes it possible to check in one place data of buyers of agricultural land in several state registers and information systems in order to examine the application and take a decision on compliance of the transaction with the Law on Land Privatisation in Rural Territories. The module is used by members of the local government land commission, which examines applications for transactions with agricultural land, and employees supporting the work of the commission.

The LIZ module contains a functionality in which it is possible to:

  • Register applications for examining a transaction;
  • make checks in 6 state registers or information systems;
  • generate the preparation of statements (decisions);
  • upload to the application various documents.

The module is integrated in the Single Local Government System’s application NOMA, which can be accessed via Internet from anywhere. Separate rights for work with the module provide the possibility to use the LIZ module independently from the NOMA application.

The LIZ module provides obtaining required data from the following state registers:

  • Single State Computerised Land Register;
  • Population Register;
  • Enterprise Register;
  • State Revenue Service Information System;
  • Real Property Tax Administration System NINO;
  • Real Property State Cadastre Information System.

The LIZ module works within the application NOMA, but access to the module is ensured with separate rights.