The System of Recording Administrative Violations is intended for local government police to record messages, reports and calls received during the duty.

It is possible to record in the system and view information on the persons involved in incidents, detentions, taking to sobriety tests and performed tests, and vehicles involved. It is possible to attach to every registered incident various documents, including scene photos. All the recorded information can be easily viewed using filtered lists.

The municipality police has access to a single electronic register of events. It is possible to make various reports and summaries of registered events in various time spans.

The solution makes it possible for APUS users in each local government to create and adjust for the needs of municipality police several lists of classified values for entering events that makes it easier to register events.


  • Registering events and calls, attaching documents, scene photos to the event;
  • Possibility to link to the event employees on duty, register information on the actions of the group on duty and the outcomes;
  • Attaching the persons and vehicles involved in the incident to it;
  • Registering information on the detained and delivered persons, sobriety tests performed;
  • Several filterable lists for selecting information. It is possible to select registered events involving persons and involving vehicles in separate lists.

The System of Recording Administrative Violations is linked with the applications PERS and JUPIS VPS. The APUS solution for registering events in the municipal police is used by 20 local governments.

Directly or indirectly the APUS system is linked with:

  • Data of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (PMLP);
  • Population Register;
  • State Land Service;
  • Address Register.