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A company is made of people; therefore, we try to find employees for whom work is not only a source of making living but also the realisation of their dreams. The key to our success is the experience and vast knowledge of our lasting employees in combination with the dynamism and creative spirit of young people.

We set high standards in our work, at the same time paying a lot of attention to the development and welfare of our employees. Our largest value is our employees, who have the ambition to change the world around them.

We appraise capable and talented people, we support further education of our employees and provide the possibility to climb up the career ladders. We offer professional growth to all our employees.

As the company grows, new jobs that offer professional challenges to those who are open to new experience and dynamic work conditions in the team are constantly created.

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Employee comments
“If I look back, then 20+ years spent at one company – it is a lot. Add to it the experience – programming, project management, coordinating, new customer projects and their implementation – it is even more than a lot. If you asked how it was possible, then the reply can be found in the challenges, my colleagues and the environment they have created: it does not let you stop.”
Edžus Žeiris
“I have been in the ZZ Dats team since 2012. I can describe the work at the company with the words: enthusiastic, creative, constant self-development. And the most important – the team. We are full of energy, targeted and know how to enjoy life.”
Vita Jekimova