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Single Local Government system

Since the founding of our company, we have devoted much work in developing local government software. During these years we have created the Single Local Governments System, which is an integrated IT solution for supporting all the functions of local governments that to a great extent makes easier the internal and mutual cooperation processes of local governments. We provide the daily maintenance of the system by providing both software and user support, and we continue to develop it.


For us it is important to grow stable and lasting cooperation, which is only possible with quality work results. The development of IT systems includes several stages: from defining the requirements to testing, implementing, maintaining and servicing IT systems. To ensure that system development is done in the best way, in our work we use the DevOps methodology and tools.

Cloud computing

By using Internet technologies, we can offer wide-scope IT possibilities as a service, even simultaneously to several customers. This means that the customer benefits financially, technological and geographical restrictions are removed, and IT security is improved.



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