Resource management system G-VEDIS
Resource management system G-VEDIS

What is GVEDIS?

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What is GVEDIS?

The resource management system (RMS) GVEDIS of ZZ Dats offers single financial accounting and bookkeeping of the local government and its subordinate institutions using the methodology approved at the local government. The system is integrated with other local governments system programs, for example, NINO, SOPA, NOMA, APUS,

GVEDIS ensures centralised accounting, retaining also the possibility of decentralised working in the municipality’s budget institutions, and enables the management, accountants and financial specialists of the local government to swiftly obtain all the required information on each institution individually or the entire local government.




Data classification

Cash accounting

Stock records

Long - term investments records

Accounts receivables & payables

Contract accounting

Personnel records and payroll calculation

 Integration with information systems

Reporting and consolidation opportunities

The system provides a convenient budgeting, consolidation, preparation of reports and budgetary control, which greatly facilitates local management and accounting specialists work.


budzetaplanBudget planning and control

Budget input and control could be delegated to the local government under the authority of the responsible employees, for example, school management, which significantly reduces the budget planning department workload.

Key features

- Centralized and decentralized budget planning
- Estimates and estimates explanation article input, coordination and approval
- Budget and estimates amendments 
- Extensive estimates and budget reporting options
- Data selection and grouping options after budget type, local authorities, the source of financing and other budget planning dimensions
- Budget consolidation

integracijaarVPSIntegration with the Single local government system applications

In order to ensure an accurate and automatic accounting of the obligations and automate processes of local government functions, a more Single local government system applications are integrated with RMS GVEDIS.

The social aid administration application SOPA

RMS GVEDIS and SOPA integration provides the benefit payable reception of data in resource management system after benefits approval in SOPA, payment orders, cash expenditure orders or advance payment document creation, based on the data received from SOPA.

Administration of the lease of real properties NOMA

Administration of the lease of real properties NOMA and RMS GVEDIS integration provides lease contracts, invoices and payment records in RMS GVEDIS. On the other hand, in RMS GVEDIS processed receipts automatically registers in the application NOMA.

Real property tax administration application NINO

RMS GVEDIS integration with real property tax administration application NINO, provides processed real estate tax payment data recognition to RVS GVEDIS and the division of revenues by economic classification codes.

edinasanaIntegrated food module

The module provides the ability to carry out menus and nutritional planning control, as well as integration with RMS GVEDIS existing food warehouse. Food warehouse provides a simple and easy product tracking and the existence of product inspection, as well as control of the stock on a certain date. Product sales control as kilograms, as well as product packaging units. The relevant data controller can be assigned to the responsible persons, thus facilitating accounting work.

Attendance records in educational institutions

The solution helps to improve customer service, providing fast and easy access to information on attendance records and balance of payments.

School personnel are provided with the opportunity to make the attendance recordsBased on the electronically submitted information RMS GVEDIS create an invoice for the provision of educational institution servicesThere is no need for repeated data entry in accounting system.  Single access point VISVARIS users has access to the latest information on the balance of payments.

euroOnline banking solutions

Online data exchange solution with commercial banksThe Treasury and the Latvian Post provides the statement of accounts receiving and processing in resource management system GVEDIS.

banka_logo SEB citadele_logo_2010_lv valsts-kase-logo
Nordea dnb Norvik_Banka_logo LP logo

Solution for card payment processing transactions

ZZ Dats and Swedbank jointly developed solution provides the ability to automatically process transactions made with bank payment cards and issue a receipt to the customer,  which contains full details of the transaction. The solution created for automatic incoming payment distribution in transactions.

Key features

- The ability to target the repayment of all obligations to the local resident or its institutions. 
- The ability to get a refund for a number of services in a single payment.
- Detailed reports on transactions and transaction types.

An example of a payment card processing process






epak_koksMunicipalities can offer the most convenient payment method for residents –  portal

The portal provides the ability to view and pay municipal bills using one of the following online banking: Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, PNB Banka, MTB vai Citadele.

When you import incoming payments in RMS GVEDIS, which is made through the portal, in payment document automatically fills in details of the paid invoice entries.

Switching from paper invoices to electronic invoices, municipalities not only saves the environment but also saves municipality resources. Significantly, in this way the local government provides an opportunity for its citizens as customers become more environmentally friendly.

Submission of meter reading

Municipalities taking care of their customers’ satisfaction and work process improvement, can offer for their residents submit water meter readings electronicallyElectronic service “meter reading submission” provides an opportunity for citizens for free submit meter readings online After submission readings automatically available to house managers at RMS GVEDIS.

licenc.polLicensing policy


- The number of modules;
- Number of system users;
- The amount of data being processed in the system.

More than 1000 users daily work with RMS GVEDIS


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