Registration of residents and residences
Registration of residents and residences

The application registers the residents of the local government, residence declarations and residence data. The user can work with the program when the customer is received, ensuring swift obtaining and processing of the customer’s information, and the data in the Population Register can be verified online.

Main functions

checked-checkbox-32(1)Declaration of residence of the local government’s residents.

gear-2-32(1)Linkage to the Population Register, exchange of personal data, automatic sending of data to the Population Register.

document-32(2)Providing technical information on the residents’ housing (buildings and apartments) (for viewing).

statistics-32(1)Providing information on the migratory movement of residents.

home-5-32(1)Possibility to link technical information on buildings and apartments with personal information.

printer-32Printing all the required documentation (statements, applications, forms, lists).

glasses-32Possibility to search for data by the criteria defined by the user.

Program printouts

  • residence declaration
  • residence declaration statement
  • address updating form
  • statement on last residence
  • statement on kinship
  • statement to personnel department
  • extract from Form 16
  • statement to the Naturalisation Board
  • statement on unoccupied apartment
  • lists of persons
  • list of documents
  • list of buildings
  • list of apartments