The purpose of the Single local governments system (SLGS) is to ensure integrated IT support for all the business processes of local governments. ZZ Dats has been successfully and lastingly cooperating with local governments in the maintenance and advancement of the software for their functions. Thanks to the bilateral cooperation in the area of administrating the real property tax, social aid and the registration of population and on the basis of the long-term experience in providing software to local governments, we have integrated the SLGS in a single system with the resource management and planning system G-VEDIS. The system is suited for the implementation of centralised administration for all local governments.

Why choose SLGS?

Integration with state registers
Safe keeping of information and high availability
Substantial savings of local government's funds for the maintenance of software and IT infrastructure
The solution can be tailored for the local government
Data exchange among local governments

The environment for the provision of electronic services E-BIZness is intended to make easier and simpler business transactions. The E-BIZness environment is an integrated platform that includes a central database, integration with external local government, state and business systems, a security system, exchange of banks' data and the portal

Financial management in a company is closely knitted with other management processes. Cash flow for an institution is like blood circulation in a human organism; therefore, correct its management is priceless. The financial management solutions developed by ZZ Dats ensures the automation of the company's business processes, accounting and versatile data analysis possibilities.

The document management solutions ensure the storing of the organisation's documents, files and related information and the automation of the work processes. The solutions are suitable for state, local government and business organisations to improve their work efficiency and save financial resources.