SIA ZZ Dats was founded in 1995, and already since its beginning, the company has been developing, implementing and maintaining original software, with special focus on making electronic business processes of local governments. The company has developed the Single local governments system (SLGS) that is used by all the Latvian local governments. The SLGS is being constantly improved and evolved with the purpose to make electronic 100% of local government functions.

The mission of ZZ Dats – to develop a sustainable domestic company that is able to provide well-paid jobs to highly qualified IT specialists so that they and their family members would have stable and secure development possibilities in their own country, Latvia.

The vision of ZZ Dats – to be a leader by developing integrated and high-quality software products that provide tangible benefits to the society, namely Latvian local governments, achieving that all the functions of local governments have computerised support in the Single Local Governments System and that this system is used effectively at all the Latvian local governments.

Values of ZZ Dats

Responsibility – we assume full responsibility for what we do because it is important for us to create stable and long-term cooperation that only can be built on high-quality performance. Our products are characterised by secure and stable operation that will not let one down for many years.

Integrity – we consider that really wholesome relationships are honest relationships determined by mutual trust, whether between employees, customers or cooperation partners. Our words are backed by action. Confidence in our co-workers, keeping promises, honest actions and positive attitude – all this is part of our company’s environment.

Customer – We listen to and focus on the wishes and needs of our customers and provide services best-tailored to their requirements. We listen to our customer’s proposals and follow the latest developments in our industry to be able to provide the best support to them.

Outcome – We do all our work with the clear target to achieve the highest-quality and sustainable outcome.

Development – Perfection is our driving force. We constantly seek ways to improve our performance, we work in teams, and we learn from each other. We highly value the efforts of every individual employee in the field of personal growth, as employees who constantly seek to improve them and help others grow is the most valuable asset of the company.