Practice opportunities

We, the ZZ Dats team, wish to share our knowledge with trainees who are full of iniciative. To be a trainee in the ZZ Dats team – it is a great possibility to obtain, in addition to the academic knowledge, the required practical skills.

If your aim is to become an industry specialist, the ZZ Dats team can be your first step in the way to it!

If you prove yourself during the practice, you can become our employee. That depends on you only and whether and how you let others notice you!

If you are interested in doing practice with us, you are welcome to send your CV by e-mail to, indicating “”Practice”.

Technological challenges
Working in the public interest
Supported initiative
health insurance
collective entertainment
sport activities
Employee comments
“If I look back, then 20+ years spent at one company – it is a lot. Add to it the experience – programming, project management, coordinating, new customer projects and their implementation – it is even more than a lot. If you asked how it was possible, then the reply can be found in the challenges, my colleagues and the environment they have created: it does not let you stop.”
Edžus Žeiris
“I have been in the ZZ Dats team since 2012. I can describe the work at the company with the words: enthusiastic, creative, constant self-development. And the most important – the team. We are full of energy, targeted and know how to enjoy life.”
Vita Jekimova