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Virtual Server is a comparatively new type of hosting service that, thanks to the innovative virtualisation technology (in our case VMWare ESXi), makes it possible to divide the physical equipment resources in several independent parts for which the amount of physical resources can be specified individually – RAM, HDD, CPU, data transmission channel capacity. The technical solution of the virtual server compares to the performance abilities of a separate server but for a much lower price.

The virtual server is a solution suited for you if:

sharethis-5-32(2)You don’t want to share the server resources with other users of a shared server;

server-32(1)You want to use software that is not on shared servers;

gear-2-32(8)You want to fully use all the server configuration possibilities;

private-32(2)You have a project that requires a high security level;

moneybox-32(1)You want to reduce the costs related to the acquisition and maintenance of a server.

ZZ Dats ensures the following:

  • The service’s availability 24/7 and system operation at least 98% a year (scheduled and previously notified maintenance works during which the system may be temporarily unavailable);
  • Consultations by phone or e-mail and response to incidents every weekday from 9:00 till 18:00, phone number 67333600, e-mail;
  • Eliminating damages to the server’s operation on weekdays from 9:00 till 18:00 within 16 (sixteen) working hours;
  • Monitoring of the operation of the virtual server.